We offer access to our fabrication facility to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty interested in designing, fabricating, repairing and modifying their scientific instrumentation. The shop located in B401 of Northwest Labs and following training is available by swipe access 24 hours a day.


Training on most equipment is one-on-one and averages an hour per tool. After training we will observe you make your first part before authorizing you for use of a tool.

The mills and lathes require GREEN certification in the Harvard Physics SEAS Machine Shop followed by a one-on-one training where we will show you the specifics of our machines.

Contact us for training and access.


  • CAD workstations

  • CMM arm

  • Soldering and rework stations

  • BGA soldering aligner

  • Reflow oven

  • Stereoscopes

  • Oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators

  • Extracellular and patch amplifiers

  • Micromanipulators

  • Optical spectrum, wavefront, power and profile measurement tools

  • Femtosecond auto-correlator

  • Lenses, mounts, cameras, PMTs, illumination sources

  • Ultimaker 2 3D printer

  • Prusa mk3 3D printer

  • 75 Watt Universal laser systems CO2 laser cutter

  • Prototrak DPM2 CNC mills

  • Haas CL-1 CNC lathe

  • Pocket NC v2 5 axis CNC mill

  • Hardinge manual lathe

  • Maxium waterjet cutter

  • Orion laser and microtig welders

  • Thermoformer

  • Horizontal and vertical bandsaws

  • Sandblaster

  • Power sander

All power tools require a ‘buddy’ to be in the shop with you that is capable of calling for help in case of emergency. These include:

  • Horizontal and vertical bandsaws

  • Power sander

  • Panel saw

  • Drill press

  • Manual and CNC mills

  • Manual and CNC lathes

  • Bench grinder