Engineering Personnel

The Neurotechnology Core Facility is currently staffed by two scientists/engineers who split their time between offices located on the third floor of the Northwest Building (room 331) and the fabrication shop located on the forth basement floor (B401). Consultations are free to members of  Harvard's Center for Brain Science and can be scheduled by e-mail or simply by stopping in.


Ed Soucy

Ed received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, where he examined the neural circuitry of the mouse retina while working in the laboratory of Prof. Markus Meister. His post-doctoral studies focused on the neural encoding of odorants in the olfactory bulbs of both mouse and rat. In pursuit of this research, he developed numerous electronic, optical, and software tools to allow for controlled stimulus presentation, physiological and optical data acquisition and analysis. Thanks to generosity of Prof. Howard Berg, he was fortunate to have access to a well equipped machine shop. In 2006, he began the Neurotechnology Facility with hopes of extending this opportunity to all Center for Brain Science members.


Brett Graham

Brett received his Ph.D. from the University of Delaware where he studied and modeled fish midbrain visual processing in the lab of David Northmore. Afterwards he worked as a postdoc at the Rowland Institute and Harvard with David Cox studying rodent visual cortex and as an engineer with Wei Lee at Harvard Medical School developing automated TEM systems for connectomics. He joined the Neurotechnology core in August 2017.