Neurotechnology Lab Safety Rules


CBS faculty, post docs, and students may obtain access to our fabrication facility located in the basement of the Northwest building (B401). After becoming familiar with all the safety rules and having received all necessary training,  users should return the waiver, signed by the intended user and their P.I.

No one is allowed access to the shop without explicit approval of the administrator. If your swipe card will not open the door, you should not be in the shop. Never use your swipe card to provide anyone, other than yourself, access to the shop.

No one is permitted to work unsupervised.  It is required that you have a physical "buddy" with you at all times.  

Safety gear should be worn at all times when machinery is in use. Safety glasses are a must. Auditory and respiratory protection is provided and should be used when necessary. Long hair should be tied back. Loose fitting clothing, open toed shoes, and jewelry should not be worn in the shop.

Keep the machine and your work area clean.

Never leave any machine, including the laser, running unattended.

Never operate any machinery without first confirming that it is sound: all guards are in place, belts are appropriately tensioned, blades are adequately sharp, proper lubrication is provided, and cutting speed is accurately set. If you are unsure how to carryout any of the above, do not use the machine until you talk with the shop administrator and receive proper training.

If you are using a machine in a way that is novel to you, wait until the supervisor is present to assist you and to ensure that proper safety techniques are being utilized.  If you are ever unsure about any operation, do not continue until you can talk with the administrator.