We serve over 40 diverse labs allowing us to produce a variety of instruments including those used for:

Animal Behavior

Animal behavior provides a non-invasive measure of neural computation. After all, reacting to stimuli is what nervous systems evolved to do. We have designed equipment to stimulate and record behavior from a variety of organisms. 

Electron Microscopy

Much of the anatomical structure of the nervous system is too small to be resolved with an optical microscope. For this reason, CBS has taken on an ambitious scientific effort known as the "Connectome Project". We have developed high speed imaging hardware as well as software allowing the visualization of large amounts of data.

Optical Microscopy

Optical microscopy plays a central role in neuroscience beyond the profound contributions of Neuroanatomy. Visualizing living neural tissue allows for guided electrophysiology or the measure of neural function using dyes, genetic probes, or intrinsic responses.


Electrophysiological tools give us a direct measure of neural function. We have extensive experience recording from neurons intra/extra-cellularly. We have designed a variety of amplifiers, signal conditioners, data acquisition software and data analysis programs.