The Schier Lab Sleep Box is comprised of multiple elements:

  • An outer enclosure that also serves as a darkroom and hardware support frame.

  • A customized 96 well-plate holder to ensure registration, enable vibration stimulation and liquid heat exchange.

  • White light panel mount and IR illumination.

  • Control electronics designed to leverage commodity solutions.

  • High speed camera, computer and custom LabView software to control, record and analyze events.


Here is a file containing technical drawings for all machined components. DXF files are an industry standard used in 2D manufacturing. 3D printed components are stored as STL files.

For cost and quality, we recommend that acrylic components be processed by a laser cutter. Aluminum parts are easily manufactured via water jet cutting. If you don’t have access to such tooling, there are a myriad of online companies that will accept these files and fabricate the components rapidly. Here is a list of online fabricators we have worked with. Selection of the wall panel material can greatly effect the unit cost. Polypropylene and HDPE are inexpensive choices for CNC manufacturing, with material costs under $100. If you use an online manufacturer, a phone call or e-mail maybe required to customize material choice.

A listing of commodity parts required to complete the build is linked here.

The control electronics requires the fabrication of a custom PCB. Gerber files are here. They are accepted by many online PCB manufacturers.

Finally, here you will find code for the microcontroller (Teensy 3.6) and the LabView software.